Property Maintenance and Inspections

The physical structure needs to be maintained for the health and safety of the tenants and longevity of your investment. We handle the following with respect to property maintenance and inspections:


􀂄 Planting, Cutting and promptly maintaining the Lawn.

􀂄 Tree trimming and leaves clearing.

􀂄 Shoveling and clearing snow.

􀂄 Taking out garbage regularly.

􀂄 Keeping all common areas clean and safe.

􀂄 Making sure tenants have access to running water always and heat in the winter.

􀂄 Fixing roof leaks, plumbing leaks, cracked tiles, loose handrails, faulty door or window locks.

􀂄 Electrical and Fire alarms Inspections and scheduled maintenance.

􀂄 Gym and Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance arranging schedules.

􀂄 Dealing with inspections from regulatory bodies, lenders and insurance companies.

CCTV and Security Systems:

􀂄 Scheduling security surveillance and advice with the law enforcement agencies.

􀂄 Maintaining the CCTV systems.

􀂄 Ensuring security patrol in the building and surrounding area.

􀂄 Securing the car parking lots and ensuring smooth equipment operations.