Our Strategies

We have developed a modern concept for asset and property management.

Residential Property

We specialize in managing residential rental and owner-occupied properties, including single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and townhouses.

Commercial Property

We provide our clients with a complete solutions for commercial property portfolio management services.

Government Property

We are also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the physical asset and maximizing the returns from each asset in accordance with the government's mission, vision, and ROI objectives.

Our Core Values

At SPS, we believe in treating our customers with so much respect, we grow through creativity, invention and innovation.


To build a great reputation and maintain the market leadership in our chosen field of property management.

Property Management

We understand the process as a bundle of services that goes beyond the strict meaning of tenancy, leasing and the associated routine maintenance conducted by landlords or such maintenance as required by the beneficiary of the property.

Tenant Manangement

We provide a complete tenant management solusions to our client making investment in property a complete hustle free project.

Maintenance and Inspections

We provide property maintenance and inspections services because the physical structure needs to be maintained for the health and safety of the tenants and longevity of your investment.

Financing and Insurance

We provide relevant tailor-made property financing and insurance services that our clients may require through our partners companies.