Our Strategies

Our strategies can be articulated as involving:

I n the short term, we manage properties owned by our sister company Galaxy Properties and Investment LLC who purchases residential and commercial real estate properties on the US east coast but in the medium to long term we manage properties for commercial and private investors owning from as little as one property to the ones owning numerous properties across DC, Maryland, Virginial and Delaware State of the US.

We employ licensed and bonded staff to executive our dayday operations while ensuring proper training and retraining of all our staff.

We deploy state of the art software to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the management system which incorporates self-service for the client, tenant and vendors. All vacant properties will be actively advertised through a reliable website and other platforms while related property sites will ensure maximum visibility and minimum vacancy.

We develop close relationships with our clients and tenants while ensuring to service them effectively and efficiently. We will endeavor to handle issues amicably and maintain an environment where both clients and tenants feel very well catered for.






Hours Of Support


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