Tenant Management Services

We manage all aspect of tenancy as outlined below:

Rent Collections:

􀂄 Setting due dates.

􀂄 Collecting rent each week or month.

􀂄 Establishing late fees and grace periods.

􀂄 Dealing with unpaid rents.

Lease Agreements:

􀂄 Verifying that lease includes all legal terms required by the state's landlord tenant law.

􀂄 Making sure lease is up to date with most recent version of the state law.

􀂄 Managing lease start and end date for all tenants.

Tenant Screening:

􀂄 Advertising vacancy.

􀂄 Setting up appointments and property walk throughs.

􀂄 Verifying information on tenant's applications.

Building Concierge Services:

The complete concierge services will be our total commitment to ensuring the smooth and efficient day-to-day running of your building.

Our staff will: -

􀂄 Meet and greet residents and their guests.

􀂄 Attend to the daily needs of residents such as taking receipt of deliveries and parcels.

􀂄 Ensure common areas are cleaned and safe for commuting and receiving guests.

􀂄 Maintain a database of tradespeople and contractors.


􀂄 Signing lease agreements.

􀂄 Going over rules, requirements and regulations.

􀂄 Collecting security deposit and first month's rent.

􀂄 Walking through and noting current condition of rental unit.


􀂄 Verifying that lease term is actually over.

􀂄 Checking the condition of the rental unit for any damage.

􀂄 Beginning the process to find a new tenant for an apartment.

Tenant Complaints:

􀂄 Fielding complaints.

􀂄 Setting up an action plan to fix the problem. Repair Requests:

􀂄 Responding to requests quickly.

􀂄 Prioritizing the importance of repairs and parts replacement.

􀂄 Getting the repair done timely.

Tenant Evictions:

􀂄 Sending tenant legally required notices before eviction.

􀂄 Filing for eviction with the court.

􀂄 Preparing the evidence which supports reason for eviction.

􀂄 Arranging physical help and law enforcement for the final eviction if tenant refuses to pay.